Why have lessons?

Clients come for Alexander Technique lessons for a variety of reasons. Some will come because they want to relieve muscular pain or tension, such as back pain or neck and shoulder tension. With the broadening awareness of the importance of posture (poise & good use) there have been an increasing number of enquiries along this line. A significant number of people come because they find the Technique enhances their body’s general functioning, reducing recurring headaches and breathing difficulties. The Alexander Technique is also useful in various fields of performance such as sports, acting and music, to enhance skills and prevent injury. As part of a self care regime it also gives an overall sense of well-being.

How long does it take to learn?

The Alexander Technique is a re-education, therefore it is ideal to come for a course of lessons. We are all individual and learn at different speeds so it is difficult to say exactly how many lessons are needed in order to bring about the desired changes. However, I recommend that a course of 15 to 20 will give you a good starting block!

One to one lessons

During the one-one lesson an Alexander Technique teacher’s role is to bring about a new awareness of a client’s body use. This is done through a combination of unique and gentle manipulation and verbal instruction. It is through this process of re-education that a deeper understanding of body use can come about, allowing the client to gain independence in awareness of their own use. With this new awareness of body use they can begin to apply the principals that they have learned to any activity; for example singing, dancing, sitting at the computer, driving and playing golf – indeed every aspect of life! The teacher will usually use a chair and therapy table, as well as looking at walking and lifting. If applicable (and practical) the client may want to bring their musical instrument to the lesson in order to look at their use when they play it.

Classes in Lamerton nr, Tavistock Devon

This is a small (max 7 people) class ,so I can give a lot of individual attention. It’s a relaxed and friendly environment where we explore the principles of the Alexander Technique. The class is primarily mat based and gentle enough for everyone, even those in chronic pain. It’s an idea and inexpensive way to improve your mind body connection, postural tone and  balance.


One-one lessons cost £45 and take approximately 40 minutes. Book a chat!

Weekly classes at Tavistock Physio Clinic, Lamerton, cost £9 per one hour class, booked in a block (usually 4 weeks)

Because you are learning a skill it is important in the beginning to come regularly; weekly is ideal.

Lessons in your home

In special circumstances I am able to come to your home; the lesson will be for one hour. This can be especially useful for riders or musicians who play a large instrument. Please contact me for more details on this.

Classes online

Throughout the year I run classes online working with Alexander Technique, mindfulness and yoga. The aim of group work is to introduce the basic principles of the Alexander Technique in a fun and informative way, giving each person the opportunity to investigate their own use through observation and movement. Working in groups is a very different experience to a one to one session.

For speed on learning nothing compares to the (repetitive) direct contact of hands on work for giving the body a new and useful kinesthetic experience. Therefore, if you have a specific issue which needs attention, I would recommend the one to one lessons.