We use Alexander Technique skills to increase our body awareness and our understanding of what is needed to find ease within each of the poses.

This class is primarily aimed at yoga teachers who’d like to help their students and yogis who want to delve deeper into the work. We look in depth at some of the yoga poses that can be a real pain (quite literally) and find a way to get there through a gentle and directed process.

These online classes are more mindful than exercise.

Thursdays 10.15am £12 per class – 1hr15mins (UK time zone)

You’re welcome to come to a one off class to see if you like the way I work. If you want to join on a regular basis I ask for commitment to the whole block (usually 4 classes).

You don’t need to be a fabulous yogi to join this class. The way I work means it’s suitable for everyone!

Email me to book your place!

Sample Alexander Technique yoga class

Online yoga courses to buy

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After attending decades of yoga classes I’ve observed enormous amounts of tension being used within the sequence of movements known as Salutation to the Sun. These 3 classes aim to demonstrate that appropriate tone is not the same as tension. Each class will examine a section of the sequence and look at each of the poses from an Alexander Technique perspective. Bringing these skills into the movement will allow the body to find its ease within the pose. 

If you’d like access to the recording of this Salute to the Sun course please get in touch