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Learn to be at ease in your body using the Alexander Technique

Embodied mindfulness is the state of being which allows space to think, move and live with freedom and ease. This conscious condition is created by learning a unique kind of awareness. Without awareness there is no conscious choice, mentally and physically you’re left with habitual reactions. With awareness, there is a choice to respond from a clear and centred self.

This skilful way of being rarely comes naturally. However, we can learn techniques to help us become at ease in our bodies and fully present in each moment.

I use a combination of teachings, primarily based on my 20 years of experience with the Alexander Technique – a truly embodied mindful practice.

I teach classes and one-to-one online and from my home near Launceston.

  • Improved balance & coordination, posture & muscle tone
  • Improved breathing, freedom & ease of movement
  • Mental clarity
  • A strong & supportive back
  • Relief from problems caused by poor posture

Contact me via email or telephone to find out how I can help you.