There are many disciplines which advocate the practice of mindfulness and many people who gain great mental and physical benefit from bringing this practice into their lives.

What is mindfulness?
Walking the Labyrinth (mindful technique)
Walking the Labyrinth (mindful technique)

Our lives are busy and throughout the day our minds are pulled in many directions, we can be worrying about the future or dwelling on our past.  Being fully in this moment is a way of creating the space we need to think more clearly and live life more fully.  Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment; fully embodied in the present moment.  Whilst the concept is simple the reality of being in the present moment can be quite another story.

What keeps us from being in the here and now?

Life can be painful on many levels and our natural avoidance of pain will keep us from being in the present moment.  It is our souls yearning to be connected to nature and the here and now, and yet we find this such a challenge.

Mindfulness is a skill and we can learn it.  No person that I have ever met is in the present moment 100% of the time and I would seriously question anyones claim to that.  However, if we can learn this skilful practice and use simple tools some of the time, we can find that life is less of an out of control rollercoaster and more of a leisurely steam train ride!

Learning to embody mindfulness

Using a combination of the Alexander Technique, meditation and gentle movement we can learn to bring our attention to the present moment.  With an open and compassionate attitude we can greet the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations with loving kindness, instead of harsh judgment.  Although this is something that we can learn alone and from books, working in a class gives us a feeling of support and gives us the benefit of reflected learning.  Learning in groups is more fun! You don’t need to have any experience in meditation it really isn’t about sitting crossed legged on the floor, anyone can find a bit of stillness, even if it’s just for a blissful moment.