People come for healing for a variety of reasons; physical, emotional and spiritual.  Often clarity of mind comes when emotional issues have been resolved and understood; similarly, in my experience, some physical ailments can be resolved when the emotions are back in balance.

I use a natural and intuitive ability, drawing on the many resources I have developed, to create a unique experience for each person. These include bodywork, Shamanic practices, sound, crystals, colour, symbols, oracle cards, essences and energy medicine.

I have come to understand that there are many ways in which we can heal ourselves and then others. Your own healing journey can have a profound effect on the people around you, giving them the permission to heal themselves as well.

In a session there will be a mixture of conversation and hands on healing. During the hands on healing you remain fully clothed, lying on a therapists couch (comfy blanket optional), eyes open or closed. You can drift off to a meditative state or stay fully present. On the whole people find that the session is calming. They walk away with a sense of peace and a feeling that their heart is a lot lighter.  They often have the energy to move forward in an area where they have previously been feeling stuck.

Aura Soma

Aura Soma is a colour care system that I often use during a healing session. The colours we choose reflect our own needs at that moment in time. Using the language of colour I will translate the information in the bottles, clearly explaining the issues or belief systems which may be holding you back on your healing path. The colours chosen speak of our choices and of our life’s journey, revealing aspects of our personality, our gifts and talents, our present situation and our potential. This can give an understanding of why things are the way they are and give a new perspective on the direction of our life.

Learning to heal

We are all able to give healing to others; it’s just a matter of learning how. If you think you may like to learn I am happy to discuss this with you. I run small workshops of no more than 8 people; this is to ensure everyone is fully supported in their learning.